1. Download Recite CMS using the link above
  2. Create the administration web host using the instructions in install.txt
  3. Load the administration site in your web browser and follow on-screen instructions to install

You may also find the Recite CMS Administration Guide useful for installing and setting up Recite CMS.

Server Requirements

  • Unix-based platform (Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, OS X) or Microsoft Windows
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • PHP 5.2.4+ (web server module and command-line binary required)
  • PostgreSQL 8+ or MySQL 5+ database server

Your configuration not listed? Let us know - we can probably help you!

Create a License

Once you have installed Recite CMS, you will need either a free developer license or paid commercial license to view any web sites you create.

The Recite CMS Control Panel is fully functional without a license but you will need one to publish any web sites you create with Recite CMS.

End User License Agreement

These are the terms and conditions that govern your use of Recite CMS.

Manage Your Account


Try Out Recite

You can try out Recite CMS now by signing up for a demonstration. No charge and no obligation!

Release History

View the change log and release history for Recite CMS and its many add-on packages.

Recite Documentation

Need Recite CMS documentation? Head over to the documentation portal for administration, developer and user guides.

Affiliate Program

We pay good commissions for all licenses sold from your referral. Your download portal account has all the information for reselling Recite CMS.
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