Below is a list of available packages for Recite CMS. Some packages can be purchased via the store, while others are included with certain packages.
Package Current Version Price (AUD)
Recite CMS recite-2.80.21 $600.00
This is the main Recite CMS application package.
Ads ads-2.80.2 $95.00
Allows management of advertising campaigns.
Assets Mirrors assetsmirrors-2.80.4 $95.00
Used for mirroring assets with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Listings listings-2.80.3 $195.00
Allows you to create custom data types for publishing on your web site.
Mailing Lists mailinglists-2.80.3 $95.00
Allows management of mailing lists and sending campaigns.
Versioning versioning-2.80.2 $95.00
Allows you to easily revert to old versions of pages, files and templates.

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Australian customers must add 10% GST.

Other Packages

These are packages that cannot be purchased separately. They are included with the purchase of certain other packages.
Package Current Version
Calendar calendar-2.80.2
Used for managing calendar events (such as blog posts and news articles).
Categories categories-2.80.2
Manage a list of categories, allow you to categorise or tag your content.
Comments comments-2.80.4
Used for allowing content to be commented on.
Core: Assets core-assets-2.80.4
Add file management capabilities to the Control Panel.
Core: Back-End core-backend-2.80.2
Allows front-end web sites to interact with Recite CMS back-end.
Core: Backup core-backup-2.80.2
Used for exporting and importing of client sites.
Core: Containers core-containers-2.80.10
Allows dynamic content to be inserted into your web site.
Core: Control Panel Components core-cp-components-2.80.19
Miscellaneous components required by the Control Panel.
Core: Forms core-forms-2.80.5
Allows forms to be displayed and processed.
Core: Location core-location-2.80.2
Used for managing location-related data on web sites
Core: Pages core-pages-2.80.4
Allows management of pages in your web site.
Core: Search core-search-2.80.2
Allows your web site content to be searchable.
Core: Templates core-templates-2.80.3
Used for managing layout of pages in your web site.
Core: Users core-users-2.80.5
Allows your to manage your web site users.
Feeds feeds-2.80.2
Allows you to add web feeds to your web site.
Mailing Lists Type: Campaign Monitor mailinglists-type-campaignmonitor-2.80.3
Allows integration of mailing lists with Campaign Monitor.

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